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Shark IPTV Payment Gateway
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Seize your share of the market with the best tools and features available exclusively to your Dashboard.

Create your own Brand and sell under your private label

With a few Simple Clicks

Represent your product based on your exclusive brand name and Logo. By setting a DNS with your own brand name, your Stream Hostname, EPG source, Picons as well as MAG portal address and Dashboard URL will be exclusive to your brand.

  • Private Dashboard
  • Own Brand/Name
  • Manage Lines
  • Check Stats
  • Automatically Payment Gateway
  • Channel Options
  • Activity Logs
  • Order Requests

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Our IPTV reseller program aims at helping you to get as many sales as possible, anticipating your customer`s needs and providing the best solutions. Gain your access to a wide range of benefits and resources on direct tv now.

Shark IPTV

Welcome to the best IPTV Service.
Shark IPTV is accessible on any device such as MAG, Kodi, Enigma and many more

Simple Subscription Usage!
IPTV can be used on computers, mobile phones, tablets, receivers like MAG and enigma2, developed players such as Kodi and Smart TV.
To do this, simply enter your line information inside the settings. For example, in VLC, click on ‘Media’ in menu and select ‘Open Network Stream’.


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